Conducting Batons

- Baton overall length shown includes handle.
- NEW; Mollard Batons can now engrave your name, or the name of your gift recipient on the wooden shaft of the baton of your choice.  The cost is $10.00 per baton for a name (ex.: Doe, John Doe or John David Doe).  This capability is new and we have not added it to this order form.  Instead, in order to make certain there are no errors, we ask that you phone or email (contact info at page bottom) us for more information, including quotations for longer strings of engraved text.
- Batons with custom engraving are non-refundable and custom-engraving is not available for rush orders.
- International Customers Note:You will probably be charged "customs duties" or "import taxes" when you receive your shipment. These charges, which Mollard Batons has no way to calculate or prepay, are NOT included in our shipping and handling charge. Customs duties and import taxes can and do vary widely. Please consult your local customs office for further information.

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Mollard "S" pear shaped handle batonsA Great Value at $171.85

Single S batons are also available for $39.95

Mollard Conducting Baton Connoisseur 14" S Baton Deluxe Set

The Mollard "S" batons use the same shafts as the "P" batons, and have the same excellent weight and balance characteristics. They are designed with a pear shaped handle for those who prefer this slightly larger style.

Overall Lengths:

12 inches (305mm)
Available Here

14 inches (355mm)
(shown on this page)

Handle size: 12 inch baton: 0.75" X 2.00"
(20mm x 50mm)
14 inch baton: 0.75" X 2.25"
(20mm x 55mm)
Approx. weight: 1/4 ounce (7 grams)
Shaft: Mollard White Carbon Fiber


  • 1 "S" Baton;
  • 1 red flocking lined "P" Hardwood Case with room for two "S" or "P" batons; 
  • 1 soft lined nylon protective case with zipper pocket and carrying handle.  

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"P" Baton Handle - wood selections:
white oak baton handles purpleheart baton handles  rosewood baton handles
White Oak, Purpleheart, Rosewood

"P" Hardwood Case - wood selections:
Cherry hardwood conducting baton cases Cherry
White oak hardwood conducting baton cases White Oak
Walnut hardwood conducting baton cases Walnut

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